Welcome to the digital media program at North High School. The purpose of this site is to create a comprehensive online site where you can access materials for a variety of classes. Here you will find assignments, documents, projects and a variety of resources for your use. Use this site to find all of the projects and supports you will need to produce quality work in class.

Grading Policy:

In order for all students to learn at their own pace, students will be graded on the work that they complete as well as the effort they put forth in the work they are attempting. Weekly grades are given for student effort which includes coming to class on time,  using class time fully, handling their own technology and their work habits. Grades will be given when a student completes a project. Students will be graded using the rubric provided for each project. We are moving to an interactive evaluation process where students are expected to demonstrate their learning using rubrics and self reflective forms to describe their learning. Grading is based on the Visual Arts and ISTE standards.


About Me


Michelle Dame

CTE  Digital Media Teacher


I am a 30 year veteran teacher of Denver Public Schools. I've taught digital media for middle school and I'm currently teaching digital media at North High School, which includes photography, digital design and video production. I hold a BA in Art Education from Wheaton College and a Masters of Instructional Learning Technologies from CU Denver. I have additional hours in Media Production from the Art Institute of Colorado.